Founder / Creative Director / Brand Manager / Content Creator 

‘Seven / Eight Studio’ is a collective of freelancers from all around the globe, linked together by the love for films, great designs and awesome bands. We are born in order to help artists and bands of every genre telling their tale. We believe in the deep connection between music and storytelling - looking for the stories that lie within the creation of a new sound. Our drive is to bring the real essence of the artists in front of their crowd - creating meaningful visual contents that truly amplify their music. 'How Does It Sound?' is our first in-house production. Below some of the work I have personally produced for few unsigned and independent artists in London. 

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Ivy Sutherland | Press Pictures 

Ivy Sutherland | Vexillology | Live Sessions

Live session video for the new Ivy Sutherland single 'Vexillology' @ Pirate Studios, London.

Bandini | Cover Design

Bandini | The Making Of Barflies | BTS documentary

Behind the scenes short documentary I have directed, filmed and edited during the recording sessions of 'Barflies', the first album by Bandini.

Bandini | Half Moon Live Concert | Live sessions

Live video of Bandini and his band performing their set @ Half Moon in London, filmed with DOP Benjamin Leggett.

Bandini | Song Of The Devil | Live sessions

Live Session video of 'Song Of The Devil by Bandini @ Perry Vale Studios. The video is produced using only one camera, one angle and one take.

Mariska Martina | Press Pictures 

Mariska Martina | Cry Me A River | Live sessions

Live Session video of 'Cry Me A River' performed by Mariska Martina Quintet @ Perry Vale Studios.

Otzeki | Angry Fix | Official Video

I have produced few social media contents for the Otzeki release 'Binary Childood', as well as the official video of their single 'Angry Fix'.