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How Does It Sound? is a project started in October 2019. After spending few years playing around venues in London, I felt the need to represent and tell the stories of all those grassroots venues and independent artists shaping the underground music scene of the city. With 7/8 team, we produced our first film 'The Spirit Of Camden' set at The Spiritual Bar in London. I am the creator and director of the series, leading every phase of the project from pre-production to promotion as well as social media managing, online advertising strategy and branded content creation.

HDITS | Teaser Trailer

The first film of the new music documentary series
How Does It Sound? - ‘The Spirit Of Camden’ puts
the spotlight on one of the worst kept secrets
of the famous neighbourhood: The Spiritual Bar. 
We discover the stories of the artists that made the live venue a sanctuary for live music lovers in London.

HDITS | Jack Trouble | Teaser

Jack Trouble is a multi instrumentalist singer songwriter from East London whose music is a fluid mix of R&B, Soul, Blues, Funk and Rock and part of our first film 'The Spirit Of Camden'.

HDITS | William Poyer | Teaser

William's songs have been described as a blend of real life storytelling with an intimate folk sensibility, driven by strong rhythms and melodic hooks. His new single 'Sign It From Me' is out June 12th on Spiritual Records.

HDITS | Amy & The Calamities | Teaser

Amy & The Calamities is the creation of artist Amy Wawn, a singer-songwriter from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Amy’s style ranges from lively foot-stomping folk rhythms to the dirty-delicious sounds of delta blues on the slide guitar, accompanied by a dark, brooding vocal range, lilting melodies and thoughtful lyrics. Amy & The Calamities is one of the 5 artists featured in our first film 'The Spirit Of Camden', the first film of the new music documentary series 'How Does It Sound?'.